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Wellbeing is a state characterized by health, happiness, and prosperity. In our professional lives, this translates into feeling that what we do matters, that we can do our work well and that our contributions to others and the organisation are recognized.

Helping you make a difference

We believe we can all impact our workplace environments, and help improve how we (and those around us!) feel at work.

  • Grow your Toolkit

    Knowing what business processes to implement when facing challenges at work is key to consistently improve performance, bring more clarity and raise everyone's sense of achievement.

  • Become more Serene

    Practicing how to become a more serene leader, making a conscious choice for calm when dealing with everyday situations, leads to more assertive and harmonious decisions.

  • Share & Connect

    Having a community of like-minded leaders to learn and exchange best practices with is an amazing way to keep developing new skills and get some extra encouragement to keep it up.

What we offer

Together, we make work an increasingly positive, inspiring, and a meaningful place


Become a more inspiring and fulfilled leader

Through enriching monthly courses based on 12 Be.Serene Values, you will focus on your wellbeing, while learning different practices and management tools you can bring to your area and organisation. You will also be able to join enriching interactive sessions with business experts and a thriving community of like-minded leaders.


Build on positive skills and habits to thrive

We have partnered up with inspiring leaders to enrich the transformative experience we bring to you. They share their expertise through exclusive monthly workshops, to further support and inspire you to achieve outstanding results.

Boost Value at Work

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Corporate Solutions

Performance, engagement and culture.

Want to transform your organisation with our unique 12 Values System? Our smart approach helps you understand your current state and takes all the team on a learning journey to continuously improve, under a coordinated cadence of actions to reach outstanding results.

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We are driven by a genuine desire to help organisations become more successful and enjoyable places to work.