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Top performers are able to stay calm under pressure

Build on positive skills and habits to thrive

Through enriching monthly courses based on 12 Values, you will focus on your wellbeing, while learning different practices to support your professional development and increase your impact at work.

There is a more rewarding way to grow your career

Help make the Hospitality & Tourism Industry better for all of us!

Through this 12-month journey, we will help you embrace a more serene outlook to life, boosting your wellbeing so you can be more successful at work, while also positively impact the wellbeing of those around you and the organisation's results.

you can transform your professional life

Focusing on boosting the 12 Be.Serene Values

  • Be a positive influence to others

  • Become more centred, inspiring and assertive

  • Develop more meaningful relationships at work

Tangible Benefits

Experience improved results under all three pillars for wellbeing at work.

12 Be.Serene Values

Empathy | Collaboration | Patience | Respect | Humbleness | Diversity | Perseverance | Humour | Forgiveness | Trust | Flexibility | Love

What's included

  • Webinar Series

    30-min Webinars for each monthly Value | Access to past replays | Bonus invitations, special offers and extra resources

  • Emotional Intelligence Skills

    Online lessons about each monthly Value | Self Assessments | Value Affirmations downloads | Certificate of Completion

  • Flexible Schedule

    Set your own learning pace - suggested 10-min per working day.

  • 100% Online

    Start instantly, learn independently and access the course on mobile or desktop

  • Blended content

    Watch videos, read through lessons, download resources and take personal assessments

Who you will learn with

Carina is passionate about inspiring everyone in Hospitality and Tourism to develop a more serene mindset and learn powerful business tools to achieve fantastic results. Her remarkable breath of experience after 20 years in the Industry, combined with an approachable leadership style and genuine willingness to help businesses thrive are at the heart of all the services she offers through Benessere.

Carina Martins Nakama

Founder of Benessere & Lead Instructor

Small steps lead to big changes

Help make organisations better places to work.

What they say

Carina has proudly impacted many leaders in their career development

“I learned many things about how to manage a hotel and how to lead a team with different backgrounds.”

Guest Relations Supervisor

Marilia Machado

“It has broadened my way of thinking about how to manage a company, stimulating my personal and professional growth.”

Events Producer Leader

Juliana Avanzi

“I definitely learned about how to better manage being attentive to all the employees’ and company’s needs alike.”

Reservations Manager

Emerson da Costa

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  • What is the Course duration?

    All Courses cover the Be.Serene 12 Values Journey and are meant to be done over the course of 12 months, following the Be.Serene Calendar. You may set your own pace in terms of how long you plan to dedicate each day/week. We recommend spreading the lessons through the month so you gradually build on new skills and develop new habits. On average, the total time to go through an entire month module is 1h30

  • Do I need to follow the Be.Serene Calendar?

    By uncovering one Be.Serene Value per month, following the Benessere Calendar, everyone can benefit from additional resources and insights shared on our social channels. As the courses become available for you, though, you can come back to any past modules to review the content at any time.

  • What is covered in the monthly Value lessons?

    These lessons are included in all course levels (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced) and focus on developing Emotional Inteligence Skills. You will take personalised self assessments for each of the 12 Be.Serene Values, access affirmations to reflect on the concepts brought to you on the course, and learn how each Value affects your performance and relationship with others at work. You will be invited to reflect on the power you have to impact and improve your work environment, helping you gradually build on positive skills and habits to cultivate richer relationships with others. You will learn how to carry out activities with more efficiency and ease, and strengthen your overall sense of wellbeing at work.

  • What if I don't want to do all 12 Values?

    Every month we enable the course for the current Value and we recommend following the full 12-month journey to have a bigger impact. For new skills and behaviors to become a permanent part of who we are, it's already proven that consistency and continuity are key, which is why the Be.Serene Journey brings bite-sized modules so you can do them a little each day, to bring effective change to your professional life and workplace.

  • What is the cancellation and refund policy?

    If within 14 days from the date of your purchase you decide that the Be.Serene Journey is not for you, please just send us an e-mail on info@benessere.uk with the details of your purchase and we will process your refund to the same method of payment - no questions asked. After the 14-day cooling off period, there are no refunds.

  • For how long can I access the course?

    You will have access to the course for 400 days from the day of purchase. Even though you buy an annual license, we will leave your access for some extra time at the end in case you want to review any past lesson :)

It's never too early to start practicing the 12 Be.Serene Values

Everyone has the power to change and improve our environments

Achieving a serenity mindset and becoming a better leader requires setting realistic goals, building specific skills and being consistent on what you learn and do. This is why this journey is anchored on the principles of continuity and sustainability, bringing these practices into your day to day activities with ease.