Sharing knowledge with those with knowledge to share

Manage your eLearning platform with confidence and independence.

On this course, we share everything we did to create an online platform and course, as it happened, through bite-size lessons, so you feel empowered to achieve the same.

This course is perfect for you

if you answer YES to any of the questions below!

  • Do you have a desire to launch an online course, and share your expertise with others, but have no idea where to start?

  • Maybe you have already looked around, but are feeling overwhelmed with the amount of options available?

  • Would you like to build things yourself, to have more flexibility and independence, while also keeping your costs down to begin with?

A step by step guide to get your idea out there

You will be proud of what you can achieve!

  • Screen Share Videosvideo

    You can do the lessons at your own pace, but we recommend doing one per day, so you make steady progress without feeling overwhelmed.

  • Checklists and Guides

    As you move through the course, I share some extra tips, checklists and resources to help you stay organised and on track!

Who you will learn with

Meet Carina, Thinkific Expert, founder and lead instructor at Benessere

We are in this together! I am just like you - keen to make a difference, braving the business world one day - and one technology system - at a time. As a Thinkific Expert partner, I am exited to share my top eLearning tips with you, so you can also do the same, and set the foundations to build something truly special!

Why Thinkific

If you have already looked around , you might have come accross different LMS (or Learning Management Systems), like Teacheable, Kajabi, Udemy and Leanworlds. The list could go on, so whilst some may offer similar functionalities and pricing strategies, here are our top three reasons why we chose Thinkific every time!

  • It offers a fully functioning FREE plan, for unlimited time, which allows you to test your new business without the pressure of having to invest in an annual fee (most of the other platforms have only a limited free trial)

  • They are super EASY to use and offer great support, extra training and online tutorials to help you expand your skills as a course creator.

  • When you decide to upgrade, their plans are fair, offering all FUNCTIONALITIES I ever needed to build all sorts of courses, and they keep on bringing new in-demand features.

Click here to sign up to Thinkific for FREE now!

Here's all you will learn

Take a peek on some FREE preview lessons!

  1. 1
    • About this course

    • Before you Begin

    • Resources

    • Booking your 1-1 Sessions

  2. 2
    • Get Ready

    • Configuring the Settings

    • Defining your website Theme

    • Designing your Home Page

    • Designing Custom Pages

    • Extra School Set up Tips

    • Paid Features Overview

  3. 3
    • Get Ready

    • Configuring Course Settings

    • Building your Course Landing page

    • Pricing your course and Pre-Selling

    • Customizing your e-mails

    • Adding your Chapters and Lessons

    • Extra tips for the Course Builder

    • Paid features Overview

  4. 4
    • Get Ready

    • Additional Designs on Canva

    • Additional Features on Thinkific

    • Supporting your Students

    • Promoting your Course

  5. 5
    • Keep it up!

    • Before you go

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Read our testimonials

We have helped dozens of people build and manage their own online courses, and are confident that with the right guidance and support, you can also learn how to master the world of online learning.

“I got in touch with Carina as I wanted to put an online course together but had absolute no idea how to do it or even where to start. From the very first meeting with her, she was wonderful, very professional, I felt very comfortable with her, she took charge without taking over. She really understood my brief, really listened and completely got what I was trying to achieve. Carina was full of ideas that were relevant to my product and how the end course should look and feel. She was super organised, very proactive and very understanding and supportive of me and my insanely busy life. I could not think of a better person than Carina to help me, she really is the BEST and I highly recommend working with her. ”

Zoe Macaulay, Macfit Coaching

“Carina came into our lives at the most perfect time! In lock down we created a powerful 21 day course and we needed someone to build it for us. Carina gets us and believes in our vision and mission. Carina is so passionate about what we are creating and she supports us 100%. She shares ideas with us to help us grow as a brand. Carina’s work ethic is strong, she shows up 100% and is flexible. ”

Jill & Lynette, Unearth Your Power

“Carina has been amazing to work with as she helped me design my first online course! She was very efficient, detailed, quick at turnarounds and very creative with the ideas I had. She explained everything in thorough detail so I had a good understanding of how to move forward with the course on my own too once completed. I can't recommend her enough, I'm so happy with my first course and I look forward to the next creation! ”

Sam Heaney, Living in Flow


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  • How long do I have to complete the course?

    From the day you sign up, you will have access to the course and all resources for 1 year before it expires. You must book the 1-1 Coaching sessions within the first 3 months.

  • How long will I take to do the course and complete my eLearning site and course?

    If you dedicate 1 hour each day to watch the course and do the work, you will have your website and course on pre-sell ready within 4 weeks! You could even do one chapter per day and have it all ready in much less than that :) But it may take you longer to land on your brand guidelines and logo, or you might spend more time developing your course content, so it depends on how much time you have, and how clear you are on your course idea.

  • What if I struggle?

    We have set a friendly pace for the lessons, to enable you to confidently build your website and course. Still, if within 14 days you think this is not for you, get in touch and we will see if we can offer alternative support or refund you.

  • What happens if the platforms change?

    Technology is an ever evolving thing, and both Thinkific and Canva are constantly releasing new features and changing their pricing plans. So whilst the core of what you will learn here will certainly remain valid for years to come, we are committed to reviewing the content every 6 months to add any changes to the course - and you won't have to pay anything extra for that.

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