The Value of Diversity

June | Be.Serene Journey

Learn the Value of Diversity and gradually build on positive skills and habits that will help boost your own wellbeing and, consequently, improve your workplace environment, impacting the wellbeing of those around you and the organisation's results.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    An introduction to Diversity

    • The Value of Diversity

    • Our Diversity stories

    • Diversity Personal Assessment

  • 02

    Accepting Yourself

    • You are unique

    • Diversity glossary

    • Pride and Authenticity

  • 03

    Accepting Others

    • Dealing with Differences

    • Celebrating Diversity

  • 04

    Diversity Benefits

    • Inclusion Matters

    • Agree to disagree

  • 05

    Keep it up

    • Be the change

    • We would like to hear from you

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This course is only sold as part of the Be.Serene 12 Values Journey